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What are the Best College Football Bets?

Which of the legal Pennsylvania online gambling options you can find for college football betting will be better will vary depending on your level of experience, purpose, and budget. There is no one type of bet that will always be the best choice for bettors of all types. Your goal should be to find the type of bet that suits you best for NCAA football betting. In this regard, we recommend that you consider the following when making your decision:

  • Forget about getting high odds for simple bets: this happens very rarely. In NCAAF betting PA, as in any other sports bet, the higher the risk, the higher the odds. In other words, the lower the probability of something happening, the higher the odds you can get.
  • This explains why Pennsylvania betting sites offer high odds for futures and exotic bets: if you place a bet on games that will happen in 2023 (futures), for example, your winning potential naturally increases as well. 
  • Higher odds for college football betting on NCAAF in Pennsylvania are, of course, good, but keep in mind that this requires taking on higher risk. Futures bets and exotic bets are based on luck rather than your personal analytical skills and should only be preferred by bettors with no budget constraints.
  • Beginners should be content with basic options such as money line, point spread, and total betting. In general, we can say that these are the best options at NCAAF betting sites PA.
  • Whatever you prefer, don't forget to take advantage of bonus offers like risk free bets. A risk free bonus ensures your investment is returned if you lose. Likewise, with free bet bonuses, you can try your luck without using your own bankroll.

Is Betting on College Football Legal in Pennsylvania?

The short answer is yes, betting on college football is completely legal in this state. Sportsbooks can launch online sports betting sites and offer a legal service, as long as they are licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). In fact, there are 14 Pennsylvania betting sites as of 2022 that fit into this description: make sure to visit our review pages to pick the best ones. Here is a short history of legal Pennsylvania online gambling

  • 1959: Horse racing betting made legal.
  • 2004: With Act 71, the PGCB was established, and land-based casinos were legalized (provided they only offered slot machines).
  • 2010: It was decided that land-based casinos could legally offer other types of games too (e.g., poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.).
  • 2017: With the Truck Stop and Satellite Casino Bill Act, Pennsylvania betting sites and online casinos became legal. Since October 20, 2017, NCAAF betting sites PA can operate legally. 

College Football Betting Tips

Whether you want to bet on a single game, season, or championship, we have some tips to help you win more often and lose less. With these recommendations, you can make healthier analyzes and increase your win rate in college football bets. Before you start your NCAAF betting PA adventure, be sure to check out our tips below.


In all sports, the performance of athletes is of decisive importance. If you want to make a consistent prediction about how a game will turn out, you should first take a look at the past performances of the players. While this applies to all sports, there is one more thing to watch out for in college football: academic rules. NCAAF athletes are also college students and have academic guidelines to follow. If they do not comply, they may be banned from matches. For example, in 2013, quarterback Everett Golson was banned from the league due to academic errors despite being a star player. Therefore, you need to pay attention not only to the past performance of college football players, but also to their academic performance.

Situational Factors

What determines the outcome of a game is not just the athletes in that game. Location, weather, and even the size and condition of the field where the game is played can change the balance. For example, if the weather is going to be rainy that week, you should also pay attention to your favorite team's performance in bad weather. In this context, before you try your luck at NCAAF betting sites PA, also pay attention to the home/away situation: whether a team is home or away is one of the most important situational factors that affect the outcome.


Coaches are more important to teams than you might imagine. A study[2] conducted by the Harris School of Public Policy found that coaches are effective enough to change game results between 20% and 30%. Coaches are people who inspire players and thus determine their performance: don't just think of them as technical experts. Therefore, for an efficient NCAAF betting PA experience, you need to closely monitor the performance of the coaches as well as the players. Keep in mind that coaches who have changed teams recently will perform below expectations for a certain period of time.

College Football Betting Guide

Whatever the type of bet, in order to have an enjoyable and profitable experience on a sportsbook, it is essential that you know what the betting options available to you entail. This also applies to betting on NCAAF in Pennsylvania. Below you can find a brief analysis of the most preferred sports betting types for college football at Pennsylvania betting sites. Note that you can take advantage of free bet bonuses for each of these.

Point spreads

If you want to try something different and get satisfactory odds, you can try point spread betting. This is simply a bet on how well the college football game outcome will match the plus and minus point values set by the NCAAF betting PA websites. For example, if a team gets +2 points, you can win your bet even if it loses the match, as long as the final score difference is not more than 2 points. Likewise, a team that gets -2 points must have won the game by a score difference of more than 2 points in order to win the bet.


The easiest way to raise the odds for college football is with parlay bets. A parlay is a single bet on at least two different outcomes placed on the same slip. For example, you can add four different bets on the outcome of four different college football games to your slip. Since they are all on the same slip, you will place a parlay bet and get higher odds than ever before. This is because all selections on the slip must win to win the bet. If you can't find high odds for betting on NCAAF in Pennsylvania, try creating a parlay bet.

College Football Moneylines

Lines betting is the best option for a casual experience and does not require any specific knowledge. Because it simply means betting on who will win a certain game (or championship). If you are placing a wager on which team will win an event, you are placing a “moneyline” bet, it is as simple as that. You can find this option on all Pennsylvania betting sites. If you suffer from low odds, you can try creating a parlay by placing multiple moneyline bets on a single slip, as we explained above. 


Betting on NCAAF in Pennsylvania isn't always for games to be played that week. Sometimes, you also get the opportunity to bet on an outcome that will happen in the distant future. NCAAF betting PA sites call this "futures" betting and offer very high odds for it. For example, you can place a bet right now on which team will win the 2023 Division I Football Bowl and get more than +10,000 odds. However, keep in mind that these bets are almost entirely based on luck, so we recommend that you do not wager too high.


“Total” represents a value determined by NCAAF betting sites PA. This value is an estimate made by the bookmaker about the total number of goals scored by both teams (or any other value they will determine together) at the end of the game. You can place a bet that the actual outcome will be above or below this estimate. For example, in a situation where the sportsbook offers "+4" for the total number of goals, if you place an "over" bet. This means you are taking chances that the actual number of total goals will be higher than that. Total betting is quite popular at Pennsylvania betting sites.

Top College Football Betting Site Criteria

We mentioned above that there are 14 different sportsbooks in this state due to legal Pennsylvania online gambling. So, what should you pay attention to in order to pick the best among them? To find the NCAAF betting PA sites that best suit your budget and expectations, we recommend that you pay attention to the following:

  • Always choose PGCB-licensed Pennsylvania betting sites for a safe and reliable experience.
  • Check out the bonuses offered to both new players and all members. Make sure you can take advantage of risk-free and free bet bonuses regularly. The wagering rate of bonuses should be low and supported by offers such as parlay boosts – payout boosts.
  • Test the mobile applications of NCAAF betting sites PA and make sure you can access the same features on every platform (mobile & desktop).
  • See payment limits and withdrawal speed. Minimum/maximum limits should fit your budget and withdrawals should be completed as soon as possible.
  • Check out the betting options and odds offered for betting on NCAAF in Pennsylvania. You should see variety in the first and competitive values ​​in the second.
  • Make sure the website is practical, easy to use, and free of navigation issues. 


If you make the right choices, betting on college football will become as profitable an experience as it is fun. Above, we've shared useful information to help you achieve this. We think that by using them you can easily choose the best NCAAF betting sites PA and place your first wager with an advantageous bonus. If you don't want to take risks and make the wrong choices, you can also choose one of the NCAAF betting PA websites we recommend; so you can get the best possible legal Pennsylvania online gambling experience in no time. As always, we wish you the best of luck: don't forget to visit us often as we update our content regularly.